Mar 19, 2009

Bol na Halkey Halkey - Exams

So now a days I m quite busy wid my exams, I m not studying because Home to office n office to home, don’t let me study.
I m giving my exams which my boss don’t want…who caressss..
Wen I spoke to him regarding leaves

He said: Don’t forget Pallav you cant take leave till you don’t complete your 1.5 year wid us. ( Jaisey ki main 1.5 year yaha par rehne wala hoon)
Acoocrding to him I m wasting my time by doing such, he forced me to quit Mcom exams and also blasted on me yesterday wen I told him I will leave early due to my exam -

He said: How dare you? I told you na, it is wastage of time, leave it right now, need not give any paper, cant you understand what I mean here….

I said: No, I will not, because this is a last year and I would be stupid, if I will quit…
And finaly he blasted for 40 mins, after all barking and gulping a bottle of water, he gave up…
and I walked out and went for exam.

Exam was fine, though I m illetrate in Computers but still manages to answer 5 question with one extra sheet, I think that’s enough to atleast get passing number…. Kaun sa muje Gold medalist banana hai…. Hehehehahaha

It is one the most weird place I have ever seen for exams, there was no fan, tubelight etc in room. Weird student those who know how to speak rubbish, weird faces with weird dressing sense… now have u ever seen any guy wearing lower along with rubber sleepers with sunglasses in examination room of college……..
Whattt … noooo… but yes….. I have, because they all are dressed like this.

Girls wearing Jeans and ‘Chamki’ tops wid suit wala duppatta…and some are in sarees look like coming from some Village beauty sallon,for attending some marriage, In short total Makeup ki Dukkan........ awwwwwwwwhhhhh…

God help me…...

Toilets probably our railways station toilets are more neat and clean from that institute toilet. All walls are beautifully texted(Please ignore grammar mistake), u cant see paint because there are myriads of compliments written by boys in their world class Indian language- I think, I need not to tell… girls please ignore this… ha ha ha…

I don’t understand what all girls write in paper, you can finish that paper in one sheet itself but yes one another sheet is more than sufficient, but girls are girls, one Bhenji( I m forced to call bhenji, Mayawati) took five extra sheet and I donno what all she was writing.

Finally finished my paper within 1.5 hours and left the room, but cant go home because my friend was wid me, I forgot tell him that I will leave as soon as I finish my paper, I thought he will mind and will look for i have to wait for him

Peter asked me does your boss know about your blog ,so peter it’s for you…

Bol na halkey halkey.. honth se halkey halkey…. Bol na halkey…

I love this song I think Mr Gulzar deserve another Oscar for this song…
Why I m writing this because eventually I m listening to it on FM

No Peter he don’t know that is why I can vent out whatever I wish….otherwise he will say why are you wasting your time on this…..haheeehahee..
P.S: I m not against for Womens and Men so please donot complain about me in any Women and Men Cell, if somebody know the number of Employee complaint Cell, do tell me... :)
With due respect and regards to all

Mar 13, 2009

Sleepwell - Not Slept Not Well

It always happens wid me, when I look upt o something , I dono why it happens……….

On Saturday I got a call from Sheela Foams Pvt limited, Arey!! that Sleepwell Mattress. They want me to join their company. I told them N number of times that I cannot join until you will not raise your salary but they keep on calling. Now you tell me how I can join any company who are paying me less than my present salary. Though I would like to, I mean if they sweeten my package little bit, I will join them. The profile they are offering is really good and nonetheless it is well known brand and this all can give me immense peace when I will leave my present company and show them what a Guy I m ……

I cannot forget the day when I went for interview December 6, 2008. I was first candidate and negotiated badly on salary. At that time itself I was enough confident about my selection. But before that day I had a very bad day in my office, and wanna leave this company ASAP…..(as soon as possible). I cannot slept whole night before the interview.
Let me tell you as I handle all creative there was a brochure which we need to design for a product called PipeWrap BT, now you can guess, this is product which protect the pipe from corrosion so off course for creative we have to show the Pipe. I have done that with my agency and we came up with a beautiful brochure showing the application and uses through images..

My Boss (A)
A: Pallav why you have use pipe images for this product.
Me: Sir because this protects Pipe from corrosion so it is apparent we have to show pipe.
A: No, you would have shown Water, lakes and river.
Me: but Sir…. this does not have any relevance
A: Shut up this is the problem you never listen to me.
Me : ok Sir.
A: i have 20 years of experience , I know better than you...
A: What happened to the Backdrop? ( This is an exhibition kit)
Me: Sir we need canal photo, the photo which you have approve does not go with that , it has very poor image quality so we have to use some other.
A: why not you go and click it, its only 45 km away from your home.
Ha ha ha …. He is a mad fellow….

I m not photographer who will go and click
That’s all guys…I will write his other stupid things in my next blog….

Mar 2, 2009

Cost Cuttiing....!!!

Who says Recession has not affected India that much…..

Height of Cost Cutting………..after Laying off certain employees from our company, now our management has decided to reduce the Telephone Reimbursement of employees. It is not limited up to mobile, they have also decided to transfer all the phones onto Intercom only, it means you cannot dial even any local number.

The cost cutting doesn’t end here, they have reduced the Dearness Allowances as well as Day meal Allowances, Now we will not get any tissues papers, no Toiletries, I was shocked to know that we will not get soap for hand wash, No pens, no stationery and those who are entitle to get Car Allowances now they will travel by Auto.

Our Hr has advised us to sit in one common room so that it can help them to cut the electricity bills. Now this is height I cannot sit with all sales guys who always keep on shouting over phone and they disturb me. I cannot generate any creative ideas, forget about writing because every time if I think, they asked me countless questions regarding my quietness. if I speak to media they think I am calling from market, I m not suppose to meet more than 2 poeple in one day.

Now we only get two time tea please note minus biscuits.
The Bisleri bottles are replaced by AquaGaurd water filled bottles.
Memo has been issued for no loan Approval and other approvals.
We don’t get papers for printouts, they have fixed weekly budget for printouts, rest of the things we have to manage by our own way.
No Photocopies and limited Courier.

This indicates me that Dude, this is a high time to look for a new job but here also this recession is not leaving me because I am not getting any job…..

Bhagwan please kuch help karo yarrr… yeh recession jara kam karooo