Oct 23, 2009

Don't Trust

Life is full of surprises. To whom you trust, he/she will never be your trustworthy. To whom you call your friend, you never knw…. that they are your enemy.

I was so astonished yesterday to know, about something which had shocked me. There is a girl in my office who use to call me her best friend. Waisey… I have never segregated my friends with words like best, good, fast, etc. But she use to……and I had cleared this thing many time..but after sometime I have started ignoring this…because it was clear from my end…..anyways…she was in love with guy and her parents were not happy with her choice…so off course…she use to hide things from her parents and all.

She use to ask me what should I do, I have explained her many times that it is better you should either convince your parents for him or leave him.

But she never agreed on that….I use to help her by completing her work so that she can go see her boyfriend, things kept moving like this for an year….one day she came to me and told me she had decided they are getting married, again I have tried to explain but she dint agreed…. Anyways.. I have helped her to get married with him without knowing her family…but I dint attended her wedding. Infact I have arranged everything at temple and in office too….

After doing all this I have never expected anything but yes I expect that there should respect she should have for me.

But no it was not like that..she had some problem with other girl in the office..and whatever she use to tell me about her…she said everything to her by taking my name…..n naturally..we all know girls are best players in manipulating the facts and words…

The best part is the other girl called me up and she had said everything to me in front of her..n obviously I denied ….Jab mainey kuch bola hi nahi toh… how can I accept all that….
After all this scene the Girl who use to call me friend, wrote an email to other girl and said, yes I did it. I do bitching and I will do and I am not afraid of anybody in this world.
Jo karna hai karlo…

I am not getting why she had done all this… aur kya mila use yeh sab karke….i m so disturbed from yesterday… I think we should not trust anybody in this world.

Kaisey kaisey log hai yaha…

Oct 12, 2009

Life IV

Sometime in your life….you get lost….where, that even you don’t know….thats what happened with me….i was in my own world…n dint know that it being almost two month that I have not written a single post….I regret for the same…..

But yes the most important thing is I hv seen the most difficult time of my life….
Don’t know what else is left to see….. I am extremely sorry for my non availability on blogger……

I respect and wanna say thanks to Priya, Sam, Harshita and Nidhi.