Feb 4, 2010

Why ?

We are citizens of India and India is a democratic country, where we all have six fundamental rights recognized by our constitution
1.     The right to equality
2.     The right to freedom
3.     The right to freedom from exploitation
4.     The right to freedom of religion
5.     Cultural and educational rights
6.     The right to constitutional remedies
Right to freedom say.. Freedom of speech and expression, which enable an individual to participate in  any public activities but reasonable restrictions can be imposed in the interest of public order, security of State, decency or morality.

But unfortunately actually we don’t have this right.

I can prove this.

  1. See if you are younger to someone….you cannot argue with them, no matter you are right because it is not a right thing to speak in front of your Elders n Seniors…You know they are wrong but still you have to obey them because this is our so called Bharitya Sanskriti…. Basic etiquettes, et al.

  1. You know your teacher is wrong…It could be due to lack of knowledge or she/he is not aware of latest development..But still if you try to put your point forward they will ask you to leave the room or they will punish you..... Especially in Management colleges if you are arguing with your professor they will give you assignment for that……….hehehe…. (Exceptions are always there…….)

  1. Now about parents, they will unnecessarily sometime ask you to do something which is completely wrong, in fact they will compel you….. and you have to do that, if you say no so you are not  Good Child….. Apparently they will give you a Lamba Chauda Bhashan..that how many sacrifices they have done for us n all… ( I m not offensive towards anybodies parents… just sharing my view)

  1. Latest, whatever happened with IPL,  Shahrukh and Aamir, they have given only their views..again the so called Marathis Manoos MNS and Bal Thackrey people are creating lot of fuss against them….

I actually loved the statement of Rahul Gandhi…..

I am sure we are not far away from that day when India will be divided in to pieces…..

Poor …. Very poor…. Why the hell we have all these rights when nobody is following….

Jan 4, 2010

Bas Aiwey hiiii

Sometime.... I m forced to think... Why people are only crazy about getting
married. It is the only thing you can do in your life...

I don't understand.

According to me..there are 4 types of people in our society.

1. those only wanted to earn... n then get married ..hv children n all.

2. those who first wanted to establish themselves.. achieve...n after that Shaadi waddi n all

3. those who are ambitious... they dont believe in only getting married...they think beyond that.. they have so many aspiration n off course they are desperate to achieve all that...

4. those who never plans for anything.. whether it is career, job, marriage, love... et al..
they take eveything as it come..they dont believe in planning...

Now question is why everybody forces you to marry someone u dont know.. n marry ... no matter what u think ... but they would like to see u married.... so u have to marry...

The worst part is... if somebody dont wanted get married... they will categorize you in Lesbians/Gays categories...no matter they are super normal...

I m hating all this..

arey yaar,.. chill maaro... apni life sambhalo...why u wanted to interfere in others life...

who r u to tell somebody whether she/he is normal or not....

What do you say...

Jan 1, 2010

New Beginning !!

With the commencement of this year, I have promised myself to begin everything with a scratch. I don’t know why I have stopped writing blogs and reading other blogs as well. I think I was not in condition at that time to read and write. I was flowing in my own world.

So from now no rona and dhona…. I m gona write…I will read n I will smile…yes I will do all that things which I would love to, and which other wants me to do..

Everybody was asking me why you are not writing and I also use to think the same.

Harshita, Priya… you know them naaa… I knw u knw them they use to ask the same question…..

Anyways… Forget jiii…. Naya saal nayi baatein…...Wahi baatein jo aap sab logo se karni hai…

I wish you a Blissful, colorful, beautiful.....and prosperousful.... (I knw I knw its not right word but mainey soch ki jab sab kuch ful hai toh yeh kyu nahi.. …. Hehehe… :D).....New Year

May God Bless You all

Happy New Year 2010…. :)