Jun 20, 2009

Awards..ki Potli...only for 'YOU'

So after receiveing so many awrds i think this now my turn to give awards to others.

This award is specially for Harshita, who has introduced me to blogspehere. Thanks Harshita.

This is for Harshita, Mayank, Creativity, Priya, Mohita, Yamini, Mad, Sneha, Arnab, Isha, Mahesh, Pink Orchid, Pnkzz, Enchantinganki, Sam, Raka, Richa, Swetha, Diya, Peter, Akansha, Rabbit, Pretty Me, Vysu, Gauri, Dhanya, Kunjal, Sahityika, Kartik, LGL-Little Girl Lost, Nidzzi, Chronicwriter, Cursed- Juhi, Suyog.

This is for Mayank, Raka, Harshita,Peter, Arnab, Sneha and Priya.

This Award is for those, who have special purpose of blogging

Arnab, Isha & Pinkzz - Fiction
Harshita, Pink Orchid & Sam - Life
Mayank & Mahesh - Love
Yamini, Karthik & Creativity - Poem
Peter & Mads - Humor

This is for Specially Sneha, Harshita, Priya and Mayank, i dont think so they have missed my any post.

This is for Mad, Sneha, Mayank, Sam, Arnab, Isha, Priya, Raka, Mohita, Harshita, Pink Orchid, Juhi, Nidzzi.
This is for all of you.
This is again for all of you.. thanks for being my friend.

Please accept theses awards, its just another way to show my gratitude towards u.

Jun 17, 2009


Life is a process. We are a process. The universe is a process. You know moving on in your life is important. In my past few years I think I hv seen every face of life. How difficult for anyone to come out from all that I think I better know this. People have used me like anything and then after usage they have kicked me like a football. Yes it’s true... I have been victimized and traumatized by many… many of my so called good friends.

Though I think Why? Why this happened to me but as always I don’t have answer. But I think god has given me enough strength to face all that and then move on…. Nicely. Although it was tough but yes...not difficult. Every incidence has taught me something n I think I m more mature patient, practical et al.

There is one guy in my office that belongs to an uneducated family. They have some different culture, he was bit rude towards his family because of all that and I tried to explain him. I told him it is not possible whatever you wish you will get, there are some wishes which cannot be fulfilled and we have to accept that. You cannot change your parents at this age. You cannot choose your family; I think it is better rather than analyzing, cribbing and plagiarizing we should respect them for the things which they have done for us.

After one month he came to me and told me that his family is happy, they are observing some changes and he told me that is all possible because of you. I was happy that I have done at least something for him.

Life is full of beauty. Notice it. Notice the bumble bee, the small child and the smiling faces. Smell the rain and feel the wind. Live your life to the fullest potential and fight for your dreams

Today I feel I m living my life, if I m doing something for somebody…

Ending this post with positive note and would like to tell you that I have resigned from my present job n will be joining some other organization. Though it was a difficult decision but I took it….. I think it was god who had helped me to decide and he had given me several indications and I just followed because when all doors were locked and I was in middle of way, he helped me and showed me the way..So I would like to thank god by this post.

Jun 10, 2009

Watt lag gyi hai bhai...oopss....doston...

So I m starting my post with sad note..God ne aaj kal meri watt laga rakhi hai yaaron…..a week before last week my mom fell n her right shoulder is fractured….she is diabetic so she will take more time to recover around 2 months…..my Badi mom I mean my Tayji came to see her n be with us so that she can facilitate n serve her…but unfortunately she got septic in her right hand so she also got operated the next day…so aaj kal.. I m looking after two patient..if somebody comes to see them we usually crack joke tht we have combo offer..ek patient ke sath dusra free free free…..jaldi kijiyey offer period is limited….hehehhe

Anyways... I took a week off from my office and was with them so that they don’t face any problem...Thanks to my Mama n Mami who were looking them...  n I dnt have words to express my gratitude towards them..Still they manage to send one time meal for us……

So nowadays I m living pure grahesth jeevan….subah subah uthke ke paani bharoo..fir…Breakfast ki  tyari karo …fir afternoon ke liye sabzi banoa..Dusting karke… sara ghar.. u knw manage karke… I leave for office n after office ghar pohuchke u knw… raat ke dinner ki tyari ..Then paying bills for all like cable…sweeper….Maid…..Newspaper……n all.

N yes I hv to keep an eye on everything…… kya khatam ho gya hai..kya leke aanna hai market se lana hai…..ufffff…its too hard… Bhagwan ji kam se kam ek break to banta hai ji…..

Bhagwan ka kehar……Maid is on leaves from last 3 days…..n I m searching n calling all aunties to send their maids at our house from my office……..

Upar se yeh sadu boss … I feel like I should throw him from fifth floor... u know he is cutting my salary for the leaves because as per him I can’t take off until n unless I will not complete 1 year n 9month with this company… I hv completed one year… n how terrible it was..Only god knows n I know…..

 PS: I have missed so many post of my friends, would like to apologise for the same....hope you can understand, I dont get time... :(


Jun 5, 2009

Elcericity.... Shock...

Hello to all n sorry to all…heheheh...why because I was away n I hv missed ur post…hope u all r fine n doing well…..

Ok now you won’t believe after reading this post. One of my friend getting married there is nothing strange about it except this that he is not employed and he told his family that he is employed and he is living his life from our money from last 7 months…nonetheless the worst part is he is getting married … I mean how can he… he is not employed….

Anyways…. the most astonishing thing which he told me is that in his village which is near to Patna, they don’t have Electricity...From past 40years.. Earlier they have but it use to come for only 3 hrs in whole 24 hrs...Then slowly slowly people started thieving the Electricity wires and the poles because of poorness and now they don’t even have any wires or poles for electricity..

I was wondering how they people are living without electricity…..we are so much dependent on that...we are helpless without it…….


So guys I m back…. will be reading ur all post….meanwhile I must inform you that I hv received two awards from Mads...so thanks a ton Mad..