Jun 20, 2009

Awards..ki Potli...only for 'YOU'

So after receiveing so many awrds i think this now my turn to give awards to others.

This award is specially for Harshita, who has introduced me to blogspehere. Thanks Harshita.

This is for Harshita, Mayank, Creativity, Priya, Mohita, Yamini, Mad, Sneha, Arnab, Isha, Mahesh, Pink Orchid, Pnkzz, Enchantinganki, Sam, Raka, Richa, Swetha, Diya, Peter, Akansha, Rabbit, Pretty Me, Vysu, Gauri, Dhanya, Kunjal, Sahityika, Kartik, LGL-Little Girl Lost, Nidzzi, Chronicwriter, Cursed- Juhi, Suyog.

This is for Mayank, Raka, Harshita,Peter, Arnab, Sneha and Priya.

This Award is for those, who have special purpose of blogging

Arnab, Isha & Pinkzz - Fiction
Harshita, Pink Orchid & Sam - Life
Mayank & Mahesh - Love
Yamini, Karthik & Creativity - Poem
Peter & Mads - Humor

This is for Specially Sneha, Harshita, Priya and Mayank, i dont think so they have missed my any post.

This is for Mad, Sneha, Mayank, Sam, Arnab, Isha, Priya, Raka, Mohita, Harshita, Pink Orchid, Juhi, Nidzzi.
This is for all of you.
This is again for all of you.. thanks for being my friend.

Please accept theses awards, its just another way to show my gratitude towards u.


Priya Joyce said...

hehehe thnx a lot for the lovely awards re..hugs to u

oye tat priya is me na ??:P

Pallav said...

Koi Shaq..baccha....

arey!!! yeh sab bas tere liye reeee...


яノςんム said...

awwww.. i never knew i could make it to the list.. :)

thnk u soo much..

rabbit said...

kya baat hai...awards hi awards,

no awards for hopeless poets like me..eh..?

hehe how are you ji?

Sneha said...

itney sarey awards key liey.:)

Swetha Padakandla said...

awww!! celebrations going on here!
and i have been honored with an award! wowwiiee..

thank u! (very much) :P

in btw is that swetha me only? ;)


Gauri Mathur said...


Creativity!! said...

Pallav Thanks a lot for Outstanding Blogger Award :D Will Post this in my blog too :D

enchantinganki said...

Aww...My second award this month...Thank you so much....and wait till i get to put them up in my 'wordpress' blog :-)

Creativity!! said...

wowww....I ve got 2awards :D Outstanding blogger award & Super follower award :D ahhh......Thanks a lot Pallav :) I am really extremely excited :D

Mayz said...

alley wah...inne saale awards...me is cho cho appy :D

peter said...

aaj kal 5 se kam awards miltey he nahi hain kahin se bhi :P
badhia hai ...a huge thank you !!
means a lot :)

Anonymous said...

Bhai jee, aapne to bahut sare awards de diye is nacheez ko. weekend shuru hone ke pahle hi rocking ho gaya jee.

thanks a ton dude.

u made my day ;)

Dimple said...

Thanks!!! I am very happy that you included me in your award list as a friend... As I have just started my blog and in these few days you have promoted me to write more and more.. Thanks a lot.

Blue Moon said...

Thanks a lot Pallav for your sweet comments, I will be looking forward to your responses on my other posts too.
Btw this particular post of u shows U REALLY VALUE PEOPLE & CREDIT THEM ACCORDINGLY.

Cheers !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’ll eagerly wait for your comments,till then
KEEP ROCKING.........Dude.......


Arpit Rastogi said...

Blogging Oscars were going on here.

Ooops! I missed it. :P

Koi na Next Time i ll see you guys...
May be i ll get some.
coz You jst Never Know. :)

For Now, Congrates! who won..

P.S. How the hell you come up with such cool idea???

akanksha said...

Congrats for all the awards!!! u sure deserve them!
I love ur blog too...:) Thanks sooooooooo much for the award!

Anonymous said...

woww...!u care ppl alot..!:)..:)

Nice blog..!

Will read other post and come wth my comments..!

tc buddy

Cursed♪♫ said...

Thanks A Ton!!!

Mads said...

thanks so much for the awards :) wo bhi 5 :O arre :D ur too nice :)
thanks a lot :) :)
keep blogging :)

Kartz said...

Humbled. Greatly. Thank you very much.

Warm felicitations to you, and everyone else.

Peace. Have a lovely weekend.

Mahesh Sindbandge said...


I saw this great post long ago, but could get time to comment.I hope you understand the work commitments i am having these days...

First of all thanks alot for the explicitly named awards, as i had been waiting for that award from you :-P

As i had already said, mujhe abhi kuch waqt tak intezaar karna hai till i am very clear with award stuff.( I take lot of care while giving away awards :-P)

Thanks alot pallav....

Yeah, mujhe Iss Mayank se intro karvado as he writes on the same purpose as mine. :-)

Jug jug jiyo..


Dhanya said...

Thanks a lot Pallav! Made my day :)

Little Girl Lost said...

thank you soooo much pallav... hugs :)

Mohita said...

Thanks for making me feel honoured!
You made my day!

Stay blessed.

bondgal_rulz said...

Oieeeeeeeee !!!! I feel like a star!!!

Thank you soooooooooo much buddy!!!! I'm grinning real big right now. :D


Mahesh Sindbandge said...

Oye kya hua.....awards dekar gayab ho gaye aap..?

Chriz said...

i came here and i surprisely shocked to see an award for me.. :) coolio.. i have missed much in the blogville offlate.. cheers bro

Kunjal said...

thanks for the award:)though it was quite unexpected as I am not much active in blogworld these days:)yes this surely inspires me:)

Sneha said...

Kidhar hou bhai. no updates since long sab thik thak haina ??
take care.

~PakKaramu~ said...

Pak Karamu reading your blog

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