Jun 17, 2009


Life is a process. We are a process. The universe is a process. You know moving on in your life is important. In my past few years I think I hv seen every face of life. How difficult for anyone to come out from all that I think I better know this. People have used me like anything and then after usage they have kicked me like a football. Yes it’s true... I have been victimized and traumatized by many… many of my so called good friends.

Though I think Why? Why this happened to me but as always I don’t have answer. But I think god has given me enough strength to face all that and then move on…. Nicely. Although it was tough but yes...not difficult. Every incidence has taught me something n I think I m more mature patient, practical et al.

There is one guy in my office that belongs to an uneducated family. They have some different culture, he was bit rude towards his family because of all that and I tried to explain him. I told him it is not possible whatever you wish you will get, there are some wishes which cannot be fulfilled and we have to accept that. You cannot change your parents at this age. You cannot choose your family; I think it is better rather than analyzing, cribbing and plagiarizing we should respect them for the things which they have done for us.

After one month he came to me and told me that his family is happy, they are observing some changes and he told me that is all possible because of you. I was happy that I have done at least something for him.

Life is full of beauty. Notice it. Notice the bumble bee, the small child and the smiling faces. Smell the rain and feel the wind. Live your life to the fullest potential and fight for your dreams

Today I feel I m living my life, if I m doing something for somebody…

Ending this post with positive note and would like to tell you that I have resigned from my present job n will be joining some other organization. Though it was a difficult decision but I took it….. I think it was god who had helped me to decide and he had given me several indications and I just followed because when all doors were locked and I was in middle of way, he helped me and showed me the way..So I would like to thank god by this post.


peter said...

Hmm may be I shud consult u when i am in any kind of soup :D
good JOB satisfaction naam ki bhi koi cheez hoti hai jab tak nahi hai tab tak mat karo koi sa job :D :D

Swetha Padakandla said...

that was a good piece of advise u gave us!
truly we just need the strength to move on whatever difficulty it is!

don't worry! all the best for your new job! everything will go on smoothly.. :)


яノςんム said...

nice to know u have a positive approach towards life :)

and dun worry, have faith, ur next job is going to be rocking.. everythng happens for a reason na :)

akanksha said...

Good one Pallav! I hope u get lots of satisfaction from ur new job! Good Luck!

And thanks for such an inspiring post.

Take care!

rabbit said...

just keep trusting and just take a second look, be careful before trusting.

** Smell the rain

i live for that.See my blogs you'll get me.

tc and have a nice day

Creativity!! said...

All The Very Best Success for your New Job!!
few ppl r like, use & throw..they use us & throw us mercilessly even without any gratitude :)S, Be Bold & Brave enough to face any sort of situation :D

Believe in God!! Put forth efforts how much ever u can & rest leave to god!!

TakeCare :D

Pretty Me!! said...

It really feels good to help some one ... more so when you are acknowledged too !! good post :) very motivational :)

Sneha said...

Bilkul sahi likha jaeda paney ki hod mai hum choti choti chizo ko ignore kar datey hai.blue line mai jou likha hai wo bwhot achcha likha hai.
congrats for the new job.
and stay as you are.
keep smiling and keep writing.:)

P.S:- tera comment section bhi beda achcha legta hai padney mai. mai behot baar aati hun padhney .:)

Pallav said...

thanks u so much.. i donno whether i ll be able to help u out or not..
but will try...



Pallav said...

thanks a ton..
i too beleive..
thanks for the warm wishes..


Pallav said...

donno but yes i too think that this time it is going to be rocking


Pallav said...

thanks a ton..
thanks for the wishes n comment


Pallav said...

thanks a ton
ya sure i ll be....


Pallav said...

thanks a lot... infact thanks a zillion
u knw i always follow ur peice of advise

n thanks for the warm wishes...

Pallav said...

Pretty Me
thanks a lot
yes it feels good


Pallav said...

thank u so much..
u knw i hv know words to show my gratitude.. u hv always motivated me to write further n further.. so i need to be thankful to be u..

acha u come again n again
thank u so much
so sweet of u..


Creativity!! said...


Priya Joyce said...

there is no answer to that why dear...bas kuchh baaton aur sawaalon ka koi jawaab nahi hota.

and wish u lots of luck..abt the job tc

Vyshu said...

i really appreciate ur Positive approach ..:)

Keep it up and wish u all luck !


Pallav said...

thank u so much..
bas yehi kehna chahta hoon


Pallav said...

Thanks a ton
thanks for dropping by
wud like to see u in future too..


pinkZz said...

all d best for future job..
tc bro !

Sneha said...

Blue waley key comparison mai y template jaeda achcha leg reha hai.:)

Creativity!! said...

Hi Pallav, In your free tym visit, arsahana.blogspot.com

You Have A Surprise :D

Pallav said...

thank u so much....

Pallav said...

yar mujhe bhi yehi zada pasan aa ya tha
thank u


Kartz said...

You always learn. Whatever happens. That's the beauty of life - you gain something even in loss. You gain experience.

Good to know that you are having a positive outlook.

I wish you well, always.


How have you been, mate? Long time. :)

Mahesh Sindbandge said...

Hmmmm i get this message very clearly..

indeed i believe in whatever you said that to word to word.

I feel we have lot of similarities..

I have done many things on the similar lines and i dare to do so, cuz i cant help it sometimes bieng me like that.

How is your mom now..?
Get settled with a nice job soon..

wishing you...good luck


bondgal_rulz said...

With the positive approach that you ahve towards life, I'm sure you'll go places Pallav. :)

And thank God that you left that job!!! Finally you are free from that sadu boss of yours. Ache se sunaya use ya nahi?? Ab tto bubble gum lagana banta hai yaar!! ;)

Pallav said...

Thanks bro..
ya its being long i m fine n doing well
u tell hwz ur life...
i must buy ur words :)

thanks for the comment..


Pallav said...

hey i m happy atleast thr some othr people who thinks the way i ..
i m very happy..
u knw i too beleive sometime tht we hshare same thots...

thanks a ton....
Mom is fine but sghe has lot of pain whch doctor says it will go by time..
thanks for the concern


Pallav said...

i m unbale to control my laugh after reading ur last line...
u r such a sweet heart
ok paka ab to bubble gum chipkani hi padegi ;)

nahi sunaya abhi kuch nahi hai jaldi hi sunaooga..


Dimple said...

life is full of surprises, sometimes good sometimes bad. And person who has the right approach rises the ladder of success.

Even I have gone thru this faces, a lot and lot of times but I dont step back doing what makes me feel peace, keeping in mind I don't hurt anyone. Hope I can share some here sometimes. What I can say here is "I can sum up everything I've learned about life:" It goes on."" Be happy and give love to everyone.

Phoenix said...

Life is full of beauty. Notice it. Notice the bumble bee, the small child and the smiling faces. Smell the rain and feel the wind. Live your life to the fullest potential and fight for your dreams

how many of us notice the beauty of life ...sad but true..very few do it....

Pallav said...

Thanks for dropping by
i think ths is all called life..
if we do the same, then there is no difference in us n them .. i buy ur point..
i too never hurt anyone intentionally

thanks forthe lovely thoughts n words..
would like to see u in future too...


Pallav said...

First of all thanks for the comment\

"how many of us notice the beauty of life ...sad but true..very few do it..."
tell me one thing, then what to do, cribbing...
that will help u...that will solve ur problem..
no a big noooo...
so it is better to see the positive aspect...

thanks for the wonderful words..


divsi said...

lovely post pallav...reminded me of somethin i posted a while ago on my blog..."let go" bout being used n kicked by ppl;) i loved that line bout smilin n lovin life..afta all life is not bout the no of years in ya life..its bout the life in ya years:)

Pallav said...


i must tell you.. i loved ur thoughts
thanks a ton for dropping by....


Mads said...

good post...and glad u moved on to another job :) hope it works out better for u
and nothing gives u more happiness than helping others :)

JD said...

life is to live and not while away in thinking of the past.. nice blog here

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