Feb 10, 2009

Love... can make and break

Life cannot be easy for anyone" Aur agar uspe use pyar ho jaye to samjhooo gya kaam se woh"
Love is really very painful & beautiful, it can make and break your life. I have seen the beauty and ugliness of love.
Thank God I m saved….. I am and was not in love ever
I have to look after the Advertisement and all creative work of my company, so obviously I have to work with my Creative Agency too.. there I met a lady - beautiful, intelligent, humble, smart etc etc etc.
The best part is she is the only one who runs the agency. Very hardworking and ambitious….
She has started her career as a Trainee in Ad Agency and see now she is owner of her own agency. She was in love with a guy when she was 17 year old and that fellow was 15. They both use to spend their time together and al l (you know guys…). When she was 28 they decided to settle down because I think that was a right time for any girl and boy to settle themselves but god has thought something else for them. This guy who was not so good in studies at all has cleared CS, ICWA and CA within 3 years; I think that was her love which worked as motivational factor for this guy.
Nevertheless prior to one month of their wedding, she came to know her would be is suffering from Leukemia( Blood Cancer ) and all of sudden next day he went in to comma, it was really painful for her to see him with all this but she stand boldly and started living at his place and taking care of him. But it is always said" Jo bhagwan ko manjoor ho, aakhir hota to wohi hai", after 3 months he died.
She went in to depression because it was big shock for her and got paralyzed with this trauma. How painful it would for her I can easily see from my eyes because she was crying when she was narrating all this.
Everything was shattered now she can only move her left side, her parents were depressed to see their daughter..
One day her Employer, Where she use to work Mr. Das came to see her and asked her to join office despite of her paralysis, he forced her to come, she started going office and use to do nothing sits for whole day and comeback but her ambition and her creativity helped her to cure. With the supervision of doctors and physiotherapy she was recovering and after 2 years she was completely fine.
Now the only thing she wants is work; but Again god has stored something else for her, She met with another guy who use to see her from past one year and known about her. They decided to settle down but her father was deadly against because he was nothing in front of her and their family.
She came to Delhi and married him in a Arya Samaj Mandir. They both have purchased a house in Noida started their new life. It was again very painful for her to accommodate in small flat and mange their house with limited income but she did it.
After five years of marriage and all ups and down they were unable to have baby due to some medical problem with her husband. They decided to adopt baby, she left her job and brought baby. God has not left her here also the baby was suffering from severe Pneumonia, doctor told them she will not survive, she is very weak, they suggested them to return this girl to orphanage and ask them for another healthy baby but they denied. They want the same.. they spend their whole money on this girl and finally after 2 month of all treatment and praying, God was kind enough and baby survived but she was still under observation. After 15 days they were allowed to take baby to their home.
As time was passing they were facing many difficulties because at that time it was her husband who was only earning, she decided to back on work and called her Mother in law. They decide to set up a small unit and she started working along with one of her old friend. And I think now God was with her, whatever he had taken from her, God had started returning to her and slowly and gradually her business was growing. Now her daughter is doing very well, she looks after her Grand mother and father. .
The lady is now owner of an Ad agency and has a separate printing press, she is planning to adopt another baby. However she still has pain for her first love, she starts her day by seeing his photo. She thinks her husband loves her more but if he is alive she would be something else, she cannot forget her first love.
I think one cannot forget his /her first love; this is again game of fate. That’s why I think whatever happens it is written by god, we cannot change anything from our destiny; the only thing which we can do is to improve our ‘Karma’ only that will help us. Instead of thinking and wishing bad for someone we should think and wish good, need not to be jealous, everybody is getting whatever god has thought for them. Again you never know what is next stored for you.


Harshita said...

Uhuh! It is indeed a sad story but with a tinge of happiness in it.

Some love stories never end and this is one of them.

Pallav said...

thanks harshiii...
i too beleive....

Arnab Majumdar said...

That's one love story that's indeed more bittersweet than any fiction ever written. And it also shows that with the right amount of hard work, dedication, faith, and patience, even the hardest of adversities can be made easier. I'm not saying they can be overcome, but life certainly can teach you to live with it, and smile inspite of it.

Pallav said...

Thanks for Comment
This is not Fiction Arnab..
I wonder why u feel so its a real one..
anyhow we should accept whatever comes our way..
you never know what is next coming for u...
Nothing is certain in our life, I agree we should accept with pinch of salt.

Netika Lumb said...

ouch! This really really hurts

parul said...
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Creativity!! said...

Extremely heart Touching Painful Post:) but its a post, which says, what all comes in life, should be faced boldly..life takes exams and then teaches..whereas a tutor teaches and then takes exams:)its a very encouraging motivating posts..among all other posts, this post is Awesome, marvelous..Thanks for sharing this:) Hats off to that Lady:) Will surely pray God for her well being:)

Pallav said...

Creativity.. i need to be really thankful to uu tht u read so many psot of mine...

thanks for wonderful word u hv used...

Anonymous said...

hey pallav...i am really touched from the blog and really feeling bad for her....Anyways its all about karma...She is certainly a bold lady..I respect for her decision for not giving back the baby to anath ashram and treated her altough they had money problems...its good read....thanks buddy

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