Feb 5, 2009

Right Time

To start with blogging I think this will be a perfect topic to write. Let me tell you something which probably people don’t know about me. I have been an average student till 10th and then slowly and gradually I have started picking up in my studies. Passed +2 and took admission in Delhi University for graduation though I always aspire to be in Advertisement field but at that time there was no course available for under graduation, Unfortunately I have seen an ad in newspaper of Rai foundation for Graduation in Mass Communication: aur kehte hai “Andhey ko aur kya chaiyey, 2 Aankhen” And I went there, got convinced, took admission and started attending classes meanwhile I have transferred my regular graduation course into correspondence. After few months I came to know I am in mess, the college was not affiliated and it has no value.
I decided to quit mid away because I don’t wanna waste my parent’s money and I have started working with BPO but I cannot forget my dream to be in advertisement field. After working for almost 3 years, I have seen every ups and down. I have joined as CCE then Trainer and resigned as an HR. Then took admission in MBA because my father wants me to do MBA( which I don’t) and my mother wants me to see college life.
Anyways I have started attending classes and then done really well in very first semester topped the college, was very good in every activity won many prizes and all. People use to jealous, criticize and crib a lot. All use to say this guy gonna rock the college and definitely fly with good package for placement , even I too know from inner self that yes I am the best but I was always down to earth.
Given my first interview in Berger Paints and cracked the GD, PI, PI with GM, and then PI with VP and finally got the offer letter but before that just for the introduction there was another round of PI with President. Everything was going smooth but the other guy got it and I didn’t.
Anyways like this same happens with me in IIHT and Reliance Communication. I think something was wrong at that time with me. I have lost my all confidence and thought I won’t be getting any job but I have never shown anybody. Everybody started criticizing and use to back bitch a lot.
Then finally I got placement in XYZ Company with a very low package where I look after the Brand Management and Corporate Communication. Here I am involved with advertisement.
If you see this entire one can easily find out everything happens on its right time, we have to wait for that time only, if something is meant for you, sure you will get, just wait for the right time.
To conclude it, I mean its all matter of luck and you never know what is next stored for you. When I was running for Advertisement, I got nothing, I think god has stored something for everyone and yes you have to wait for the right time. So what if I am getting less, I know something better is stored for me and I am too waiting for my right time.
One should not lose hope and faith from god and from own self.
Do and give your best!!!!!

All the Besttttt


Mohita said...

Hey Pallav, Congratulations!!
Finally,,u've landed up at ur dream destintion.
I suppose, this is ur first write-up..bt it thoroughly brought out ur emotions really well!!

Best-a-luck for ur upcoming write-ups.

Pallav said...

Thanks Mohita
i think this comment has really touched me...
i m really grateful and thankful to you.

Arnav said...

true.. Couldn't agree more..
Actually whatever happens -happens for a reason.... As steve jobs had said . "you can only join the dots backward..." .
Initially we feel that we are losing. but in the longer run we realize that every incident of our life happened for a reason

Pallav said...

Thank u Arnav... yes i have seen this thing, n sometime i keep on thinking

vishal said...

Hey bro

I didn't knew u r such n avid blogger. well quit inspired with ur blog me too going 2 do shree ganesh of my blog.

Hamare ujual blogging bhavishya ki kamna kijiyega.

n same 4 u 2.


Pallav said...

Vishal...Welcome to the world of Blogging.....
All the best...
i knw u gonna rock it...

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