Feb 16, 2009

When you start running from things I have seen…. That’s sure you gonna face it at any cost….

Bhagwan mere saath hi kyu???? I donno….

I always try to shun certain situations and things but I have to face them… whenever I try to come out from my past, and promise with own self not to think about this matter again …… I always think...

Sometimes circumstances force me, which never left me with any option…. And rest leave…
I had a very good friend... A friend who probably best in every sense from my point of view … I can’t say about him…..

The terrible thing is now we are no more friends… Why…. Believe me I even donno. I have shared everything wid him I think nothing has been left to tell him . We were friends from last 8 years, we have been together for every joy and sorrows, even our families were too involved in our friendship.

He got married day before yesterday…. Our every common friend was asking … why you were not in Sagan (Other Ceremonies) and all. I simply told them we are no more friends..... but they donot believe.

The worst part is he invited my cousin.... and my family also asked me the same question….. which I hate. I went to my Saloon and guesss what?? There too I have to face same question and I told them "Aisey hiiii tabiyat theek nahi thiii…" ( I was not feeling well… thats why)

Pata nahi Bhagwaan kab muje chain se jeene degaa…… Givemee a break

I cannot share the same relation wid him infact any relation wid him... and I still prayed and wished happy married life for him. Though I hate myself why I chose him as my friend. The only thing, I can tell you is he had given me myriads of pain and I have been living in guilty from last 1.5 year because I think I have ruined somebody (A girl) life…. And she denied…..

Nonetheless life is like that…. I will write the full story of my friendship some other time. That is why I say you never know… life is unpredictable.. Everything, every relation is unpredictable.. ……


workhard said...

Awww. u should have openly discussed with him on this, nothing better than an honest conversation..Do want to know the story though..


Pallav said...

no now i dont wanna speak to him
n offcourse i will write someday
but u knw evertime if i think it gvs lot of pain to me..
anyways thanks.. for your comment..

workhard said...

Im sure it would, u ll always wonder what is i that you did that made things wrong.. Its a mystery..

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